A Celebration of Life for Swami Radhananda

A Celebration of Life for Swami Radhananda
Wednesday, September 8, 2021

Every year, September 8th is the day we honour our lineage. This year, we dedicated this day to Swami Radhananda. Here at the Ashram, a limited gathering of the Ashram residents, karma yogis, initiates and family celebrated Swami Radhananda’s life and her many gifts to us with a memorial service.

We welcome your stories, learnings, photographs and images. Please feel free to upload them onto our Tribute Page where they can be shared with others. What gifts did you receive through her presence, even if you met her only once? We will be adding our own photos and videos of the ceremony to the Celebration of Life Page and to social media as they become available.

If you wish to offer a tangible gift, consider Swami Radhananda’s love of gardening and honour her memory with flowers or bulbs, shrubs or trees. Or give a direct donation to the ongoing work of the Ashram, to which she dedicated her life.


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