Poems by Katie Isabel


The word that resonates, commemorates, permeates this space, is silence.
Close your eyes and let your inner voice provide guidance.

Tones that used to be tense, so relentlessly loud, anxiety ridden, full of doubt are now bright, calm and proud.

This new voice born of silence reflects my glowing, green heart.
Everything is self-evident, the words of René Descartes.

This new age, a philosophical one, with each stage sacred knowledge is one.

Realization, spiritual coronation – no more spiraling narration from that dark voice in my head.

There’s just…

“I wrote ‘With Grace’ in gratitude and with love to the Ashram, as a way to articulate how the time there greatly impacted me. I wrote ‘Silence’ during quarantine when I first arrived at the Ashram and ‘Ocean Song’ as an ode to the water and it’s unpredictable, humbling, healing qualities. My work is rooted in experiences of love, loss, a sheer awe for life and predominantly emerges from reflecting on the world around me. ”

Katie Isabel –– aspiring spoken word artist from the UK, who performed poetry for an audience for the first time whilst living at the ashram in the spring of 2021

With grace:

Ocean Song:


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