Paintings By Myca Palmer

“I started painting about 3 years ago, drawn to it by a deep yearning to explore myself more deeply. Self put down thoughts such as ‘I can’t draw’ ‘I’m useless’, ‘I’m past it’ became… ‘who says so’?

This opened a window of opportunity to explore old habits, beliefs and ideas my mind kept telling me about myself, each and every time I sat down to paint! I sat through waves of anxiety, grumpiness, the perfectionist in me, the comparer. The list was long!

I’ve not had lessons, as of yet, to date enjoying the innocent nature of my being shining the way through each step of the process. The more I’ve trusted this process, the more I’m growing as a human being.
I refer to my paintings as spiritual art, not just because they are primarily of Hindu Gods/ Goddesses and yantra, but because each painting is an honouring of the whole creative process.

Each canvas and piece of art paper can be likened to human life. A spiritual analogy of our lives is sometimes portrayed through use of a movie screen. The movie screen, or in the case of art a blank canvas, is that from which life becomes manifest. It is essential. Light and energy then pass through a projector reel, creating shadows which appear as images on the movie screen. With art the projector is replaced with a pencil or brush!

With this analogy in mind, each blank canvas is a human life. It is its own expression wanting to be realised and I feel fortunate to watch each and every one unfold before my very eyes as I paint.”

Myca includes some Ashram scenes on her website, and will donate profits from their sale to the Ashram.

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