Map of Every Series – Paintings by Garry Sly

I started painting when I was 24 years old. I had never been involved with art before but suddenly I began painting. I took a painting course at the Ottawa School of Art and soon after transferred to the University of Victoria and completed a Visual Arts Degree.

My work has always emphasized bold colourful patterns that encompass elements of lyrical abstraction. In experimenting with the cadence of various colour/pattern combinations, the paintings are often representative of visual rhythmic chords, like music, that reflect a particular frequency or vibration.

A recent series titled, Map of Every, is created using simple patterns that repeat in endless variations, the colour is restricted to a single palette. Three works created with blue, three works with red. The simple repetition of patterns made me think about the everyday rhythms or movements that are made each day by individuals that eventually culminate in an entire existence. The patterns of movements may vary slightly each day but through repetition, beautiful patterns form that illuminate the rhythms of life.

I find the patterning process of painting can be an almost meditative process. It is a very focussed task. Although it is a very visual process, I think there are some parallels to the practice of mantra. I think colour can be healing in a similar way that sound can be healing.

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