Drawing from Swami Matananda

Two of my favorite things came together in a new and organic way, which is what I think creativity often is for me. I drew the image of Swami Sukhananda’s hands a long time ago. We have been on this path together now for over 30 years.And i noticed how beautiful her hands were and wanted to draw them to include them in some prayer drawings i was doing
at the time. (“May all eating and drinking be the offering of oblations unto Thee.” from Swami Radha’s Divine Mother Prayer)

Drawing has been a wonderful way to know myself and the world around me.
I pulled this drawing out and decided to put something 3 dimensional into her hands. And placed it in the photocopy room for people to see. The mushrooms are dried from a past spring of gathering Morel Mushrooms. I tend to find about ten of them on our land each season.
And Andrea brought it to the next step by taking a photo of the combination and she caught what I was wanting to convey. I really like how the two dimensional and 3 dimensional worlds became a 3rd dimension of digital form made of light.


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