Humans of the Ashram

Casey / North Carolina, USA 

“I was in a transitional period, I had recently left a job and I was trying to figure out some next steps. Figuring out what my next moves were, as far as purpose and direction and all that goes. So I decided to come here. I liked the intentional aspect of it, a bunch of people who are having a shared intention of better understanding themselves, and trying to reflect and listen more deeply to their own inner knowing and own self wisdom. Sharing that with other people can generate ideas, but there’s also something about a shared intention that generates additional energy in a space. Having that shared intention or reality for a time period is really helpful.”

“Leaving here I feel a little bit more grounded, but also being able to appreciate the mundane in some ways. Not having to constantly be stimulated is really nice, and to be able to settle a little bit more in a less intense environment.”

“There’s a little bit more willingness for me to be okay with the uncertainty of the future, and not having such an intense need to figure it out. There’s a space holding here that creates a sense of safety both externally and internally. Having that means I don’t need to feel anxious about the future, that feeling has diminished. I’ve lessened the pressure on myself being here somehow, being here has helped me do that.”

“A lot came up for me while I was here, and I worked through a lot. Now, was my time to come here. The Ashram is like a launch pad – a place to rejuvenate. It’s a safe place that one can go to. A hot house for humans.”



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