Harvest – Paradise Found

The signs of an abundant harvest are everywhere at the Ashram. Bountiful fruit still hangs from trees waiting to be picked; shelves are lined with produce and preserves; some garden beds are laid to rest while others are still green and growing; our buffets offer the freshest and most colourful spreads imaginable!

Last weekend, karma yogis picked 400 pounds of Gravenstein apples – a delicious heritage variety – from just one tree. Tomatoes nestled within the hoop house gave the kitchen consistently ripe fruit for weeks. Garden produce so far is valued at $14,000 for the season.

The abundance of this year’s harvest comes “… thanks to a slow gentle spring and the timely rains,” according to orchard manager, Trent Nicolajsen. The weather and good planning also meant the garden “… grew more in a smaller space – bringing in 50 to 60 pounds of food daily,” adds garden lead Dalton Magdee.

The garden’s rich history began decades ago when the land was cleared and the rocks picked, and it continues to evolve to suit our needs. We grow nearly 25% of the food we eat; and about 20% of the food served is sourced within 100 km. Just last week, we picked up 1,000 pounds of squash from a local farm; it is now safely stored in Mandala root cellar. Our own blueberries, raspberries and grapes for juicing will nourish guests throughout the winter.

“Go for the yoga, stay for the cuisine – garden fresh and hyper-local foods,” tweeted media writer Ann Yungmeyer of Tennessee on her September visit.


Listen to Alia Wurdemann-Stamm speak about managing the garden this year, “A paradise found.”


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