A Doctor With A Divine Appointment


Ana Pereira from Portugal recently became a medical doctor and took some quality time after nine years of study to fulfill an appointment of her own.

I had finished my medical degree and was stressed after pushing myself to perfection within my courses. I was looking for yoga classes and found a workshop in Braga, Portugal with Swami Sukhananda, and I loved it. I was shown a postcard about the 10 Day Yoga Journey at Yasodhara Ashram and the course landed coincidentally on my holidays. I did not have the money as it was my first year working, but I remembered that I had a box that I was saving money in and it was the exact amount for the course!

I listened to my heart and intuition and told my story to Jovita, a Yasodhara teacher in Portugal, and she said it was my “Divine Appointment.” I didn’t know what she was talking about but I kept her words in the back of my mind. I arrived in Castlegar and I saw Swami Sivananda, and my first reaction was tears because I felt safe and at home. I told my story to Sivananda and he also confirmed that my journey to the Ashram was by Divine Appointment. After I finished the course I knew what that meant. I was meant to be here; the Divine was guiding me.

I am a doctor now and I feel some duality because Western medicine is not working. We have come apart from our grounding. After the 10 Day Yoga Journey, I have the confidence and purpose that I didn’t have previously to transform my medical practice into a holistic offering that takes the whole being into consideration. I am a different woman after being here. I am able to accept and love my whole being and to see every being in a different way. We all come from the same place, the same energy. We are all Light.


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