Staying Relevant in Today’s World: the Yoga Development Course

How does a three-month yoga course first offered 50 years ago stay relevant despite world changes in this half-century? In the late 1960s, Swami Radha would say that sometimes “the word yoga would draw blank stares.” Now it is unusual for guests to arrive at the Ashram who have not taken some sort of yoga classes in their cities or towns.

Swami Sivananda in India asked Swami Radha to translate the ancient yogic teachings for westerners and to include a range of yogas for balancing body, mind and spirit. This is part of the enduring quality of the Yoga Development Course: offering a wholistic approach for personal and spiritual exploration. Principles of experiential learning and trusting each person’s inner intelligence continue to define the Ashram’s approach to teaching. And year-after-year participants describe the course as a life-changing opportunity to explore deeply personal questions of purpose, healing and change – building a strong inner foundation to live ideals with understanding and integrity.

Watch for news updates in the coming year as we focus on honouring and celebrating this 50-year milestone. And view this video for an inspiring reminder of the importance of this course in today’s world.


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