Twenty Years Later

Trine Mikkelsen (left) and Julia Hambleton first came to the Ashram when they were in their twenties. Back at the Ashram this summer, they reflect about the impact that time had on their lives.

Trine: When I first came here in my twenties as a photographer, wanting to do a documentary about the Ashram, I remember thinking, “Wow, what is this place?” It took awhile before I started to understand the sacredness and sweetness of what was going on. Being here gave me an insight that I had really hit upon something extremely special – a way to look at the world and how I live. I came back to take the Yoga Development Course and eventually became a teacher.

Now with a business and family of my own, the Ashram and teachings seep through into everything I do – in the sense of being aware and knowing I have choice. This knowing has given me a way to navigate through life. I honestly don’t know what I did to get this gift, to find a place that is authentic and clear and in it for the long haul. It’s hard to come by – the real deal!

Julia: It’s very meaningful to come back to a place where I was given a gift of support and inspiration to go forward in my life and to see twenty years later that some of my dreams and goals have been realized. Being supported and nurtured at that time in my life was pretty powerful.

Now I live in Toronto and am involved with what I wanted to pursue in my life
– family, music and community. It’s really nice coming back to the Ashram and seeing youth here, doing the same Young Adult Program I did and getting what they need. It is vital to support them in today’s world. It just seems like, Wow, I’m so glad this is here!

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