Pamela Boyd – Artist

What has your time meant to you?

My time at the ashram has allowed me fulfill both my goals. The first was to advance a piece of fabric art work I’m working on, which I have done to my great satisfaction. The other goal was a more personal one related to my own relationship with myself and how to really love and support my family. Using the time to focus on the inner questions has been truly illuminating, not only because of what I did, but also because of where I was and who and what was around me. The ashram practice itself gave me the answers.

What have you come away with?

I’ve come away with a new practice, a new way of ‘doing my own work’. Being at the ashram I’ve experienced not just a fresh hatha practice, but an all round yoga practice that speaks to my inner needs as well as my outer. I was only vaguely aware that this is what I was searching for and that I am in a transition.

I have also been hugely nurtured by the beautiful surroundings of the ashram, the trees and gardens, the lake and mountains. I cannot say strongly enough how grateful I am to have spend time among all the wonderful living beings in the ashram.

What has inspired you?

I have experienced a different way of living and witnessed the commitment of a group of people dedicated to and living a fully yoga centred life. It fills me with awe and gratitude.


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