Building a Family

Reynold and Saskia Reynolds and their daughter Escher joined in Ashram life for two months this winter for a time of reconnection on many levels. Reynold reflects on his experience.

We have been married for seven years but now think of ourselves as a new family since Escher is just over two years old. Having a child has made us want to be better parents and improve ourselves. Five years before this visit, the two of us came to the Ashram to visit Swami Premananda, my step-father, for a month. We helped build an area for the Ashram’s upcoming Family Retreat and perhaps that was the beginning of our own family. After Escher was born we had many questions: How should we raise her? How can we make improvements in our relationship and within ourselves? Who can help us on our way?

Coming for these two months has been an important time for us as a family. It has been a blessing to live within a community of people working hard to be good and has helped us build up the relationship between the three of us. For over fifty years people at the Ashram have been creating a real basis for a good and meaningful life. Living here, receiving wisdom and Light, is sure to give Escher and us a stronger foundation and experiences to learn from. It has also been a way to question our choices – many that were unconscious – and look for better.

It has been wonderful to see Escher grow and change. We imagine these experiences will be part of her core for the rest of her life, just as she is now part of other people’s lives. We hope that all three of us can be part of the way the Ashram is improving the world.


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