Warming the Temple

A year ago the Temple was an active construction site, its form an open framework of eight arches. This month we received the final building inspection notice marked “Completed.”

Alone in the Temple this morning, I walk its perimeter pausing to view different mountain, lake and forest perspectives framed through asymmetrical windows. November’s low-lying clouds have dispersed, revealing startling white mountains and blue sky smudged with sunrise. This sudden gloom-dispelling light is like insight emerging from confusion, like manifestation from formlessness. A wildly blooming Christmas cactus sits on the altar, exotic and flourishing, declaring that anything is possible.

The Temple of Light exists and we are awakening to what it is, to what is new; and we are venerating the radiance of lineage present in its very essence.

In satsang, our evening devotional gatherings, we are trying things out. What practice brings you close to the sweet, the vibrant, the sacred within? Offer that and feel how the Temple receives, listens, holds sound or silence, embraces movement or stillness, amplifies love and projects it out. How does this space reflect our own luminosity – our longing, our silence, our compassion?

We are warming the Temple and the Temple is warming us. Please come and experience it for yourself!

With deepest gratitude for supporting this unfolding vision.

By Swami Lalitananda
From the Yasodhara Ashram Newsletter, Issue 6


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