Karma Yoga Centre joins Village Green

The Ashram’s historic Main House is transforming into our first-ever Karma Yoga Centre. The centre provides space for offices, work planning and reflection, plus a social area for phone calls, art and relaxing together. Alicia Pace, who has a life-long connection with the Ashram and works as an organizational consultant, talks about the significance of this move.

By calling Main House a Karma Yoga Centre, we create a sense of prominence for our core practice of selfless service. In 2018 we plan to strengthen our operational leadership, giving more power and involvement to those people doing the daily work. The Centre is a physical manifestation of that commitment.

Putting the right people together to do the work is what opened it up. This ties into the mentorship part of our objectives for the future. For succession in any community to thrive, it needs to involve people and, in our case, give them a sense of what it means to run a spiritual community. This shift also allows Mandala House, which becomes congested in the summer, to focus on guest services.

We’re working toward creating a “Village Green” within the Ashram, and the Karma Yoga Centre will fit right in. Once summer is here we’ll really see it come to fruition. Karma yogis will come over here first thing in the morning to start their day; and on reflection breaks, they can sit outside among the fruit trees. I’m excited to see this historic hub of the Ashram become the new home for karma yogis.


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