A Place to Set Goals


joomi-copyJoomi Lee from South Korea spent seven weeks at the Ashram on the Young Adult Program this autumn. She reflects on her experience and what she’s taking back home with her.

I first found out about Yasodhara Ashram two years ago while looking up yoga online. It took me two years to get here.

I was a yoga instructor back home for the past year, but it was stressful because I’m an introvert and being in front of other people makes me very nervous. Instead of quitting like I’d done with other jobs, I endured in order to change my pattern and because I like yoga—I just wasn’t passionate about teaching.

I planned on going to New Zealand in April and then remembered the Ashram. I decided it was the perfect time for me to come and learn about myself and continue my English studies before moving to New Zealand.

When I told my friends and family I wanted to go abroad they didn’t understand why I wouldn’t settle down, get a job and follow a more normal path.

Being here has changed everything. I never thought I could set goals for my life and now I realize the importance of family. I plan on using my education from cooking school to open a café in the storefront below my grandmother’s house. More than a café, it will be about community and working with my family.

I realize I have all the ingredients to complete my goals, but I didn’t know how to cook them into action. Spending time at the Ashram has made me feel like I can do something with my life.



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