Fertile Learning Ground


Learning Residencies at the Ashram offer each participant the opportunity to take a leadership role in Ashram management and acquire applicable skills for the future. Of our five Learning Residents (LR) this year, the three garden LRs are staying on to see the season transition through autumn.

Pamela Stockman, Jill Martin, Christine Comeau, Amy Thorne and Sofia Scheuerman were the Learning Residents over the summer of 2016.

“I’m really treating this as my training for life, “says Sofia, who took the Yoga Development Course this year and will stay on until November. “I’m seeing my time here as my university. I’m learning everything from gardening and biology to statistics when I look at procurement and harvest records. And because this is a spiritual community, there’s a depth to what I’m learning, too.”

Amy, a gardener from Toronto, was drawn to the Ashram as a place to learn in community. “I didn’t want to just visit a place,” she says. “Here, I had the opportunity to live and contribute in a meaningful way.”

Pamela worked in the preserving kitchen and kitchen and her project focused on fermenting foods. She said her time here was a “marvelous experience.”

Christine had been here for the Young Adult Program in 2009 and came back this year to work in the garden. “Things have been changing a lot for me internally,” she says about her time here. “Shifts happened in that invisible inner space while I was leading teams in that external space of the garden.”

Jill agrees. “This experience has shown me that a lot of opportunities really are within reach,” she says. “I am thankful to leave here with a whole new way of communicating with people.”

Our 2017 Learning Residency positions are now posted!


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