Ashram Cradles Self-Led Group

sukha-yoga-groupIntuition led Yvonne Werkmann of Didsbury, AB to bring a group of eight women to the Ashram for their own spiritual retreat. She talks about how the setting and service more than met her expectations. Find out more about bringing your own group.

Yasodhara Ashram is different from most retreat centres. The welcome was magnanimous. Every comfort is attended to in the most simple and loving way.

We wanted a safe place for women to work on their spiritual development. We walked in and immediately felt the decades of work here. Everyone in our group agrees that this location gives a feeling of being cradled in the arms of Divine Mother. This allowed so much freedom and blossoming and allowance of Self to arise. Some beautiful healing happened as the women got in touch with themselves.

Just like the Ashram, my lineage of yoga and mantra therapy is focused on the Divine Feminine; many synchronicities happened. The face of the goddess is everywhere. Watching the bees, She was so present. I feel we are the subversives – teaching love as an underpinning in the world.

The amazing food, the practice of eating in silence, the ability to be grateful for everyone – the whole experience affirmed that I was distinctly called here for a reason.


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