Coming Together with Family at a Special Place


Neermala Kavia recently gathered her family together for a reunion at her special place.

When the kids asked what I want for my birthday, I said “I would like you and the grandkids to come to the Ashram. It would be nice to have everybody together.” We converged from Montreal, Calgary, Tacoma and Saskatoon.

Every time I set foot on this land I feel at home. This is sacred ground. There is so much wisdom, beauty and simplicity here that allows reflection and new perspectives. I want my children and their children to know that the Ashram is also their spiritual home. There are times when everybody goes through something and the teachings help, Karma Yoga helps.

When I came to do the Yoga Development Course in 2006, I didn’t know how it would all work out. I had a good job, a house, kids in school. I live in Saskatchewan and you can’t just leave a house unattended in the winter. The Divine had to show me the way. I called the Ashram and asked, “Can I bring the kids?” Yes. I left the job, sold the house, packed the 13 year-old-twins and came. It was a calling; I needed to come. When I returned to Saskatoon, everything fell into place. I had to trust something…

This is the first time I’ve been back since the Temple fire and it brought a lot of emotions for me. It is also teaching me how nothing remains the same. Personally I am also in a renewal process and hope to return soon for Kundalini Teacher certification and to experience the new Temple.


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