Yoga Development Course 2016 Begins

A wonderful blend of twenty-one participants came together on January 8 to begin their three-month journey of self-inquiry through the Yoga Development Course (YDC). Our community of teachers and karma yogis welcomed them with words of encouragement and support. We listened to their inspiring stories of the knowing and synchronicities that brought them to the Ashram for healing and growth at this time.

Natalie Chromec of Sweden said a previous one-month Ashram stay turned her life around. “For the last four years I’ve been working really hard to come back. I want to become a better me.” Jane Aldiss of England related, “I’ve studied and worked for a long time and don’t feel I can go any further by myself. By coming here, I’m getting the support I need to progress in my life and be of more benefit to others.” Lisa Sadleir-Hart of Alaska reflected, “I have a deep connection with earth justice and spiritual life and feel I need to strengthen myself to do the hard work that I know I’ll be called to do.”

Now in its 47th year, the YDC continues to attract a diverse group of seekers. This year’s participants travelled from Scotland, England, Sweden, the United States and across Canada to gain powerful tools for transforming and enhancing life. Seven are brand new to the Ashram; three were interns last year and three participated in our Young Adult Program. Another three – all Yasodhara Yoga teachers – are taking the course for the second time.

Consider the YDC 2017 for your own personal and spiritual development. The 10 Days of Yoga, offered in May, July, August and October 2016, is a great first step toward this amazing journey of self-discovery and renewal.


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