“Creation” is the Teaching Theme for March 2016


The Yasodhara Yoga Teachers in the Comox Valley have provided the reflections for the March Teaching Theme.  Many thanks to Arlene Trustham, Susan Taylor, Claire Gilmore, Debb Morrison, Eriko Miyao and Sylvia Boss for these questions and practices.

1.   Life Directions

The first chakra is about life, birth and death. Consider the eight arrows in the first chakra plate of the Kundalini system

a.     What directions have you already gone in your life? Are there new directions calling? Chant OM or a mantra of your choice and write key words to represent your life directions.
b.     Using crayons, draw symbols for some of those life directions, past, present or future.
c.     Stand in Mountain posture, looking at your drawing from a broader perspective.

Do the Divine Light Invocation. Ask: Where do I stand on the life I’ve created? Where do I go from here?  Reflect.

2.  Beliefs

Who do I believe I am? What ideas have I created about myself based on those core beliefs?

a.     Make a collage using magazine pictures to represent those beliefs and aspects of your life. Place the collage on the wall and do a Straight Walk. Reflect, asking yourself what the pictures have inspired in you.
b.     Choose one or two of those beliefs about yourself. Can you update and/or expand them? Repeat the Divine Mother Prayer three times, then write.

3.  Ego and Responsibility

“Audible sound (the spoken word) and inaudible sound (the spoken word in the mind) are both vibrations that will give rise to creation. What creation comes into being is the responsibility of the originator of the sound.”

(Kundalini Yoga for the West, Swami Radha, p 252)

a.     Do a mind watch for 5-7 minutes then write for an equal amount of time.
b.     Chant a mantra of your choice for 7 minutes then write.
c.     Choose something from your reflection and dialogue with the Devi to bring further clarity.

4.  “I am created by Divine Light”

Consider what is meant in the first line in the Divine Light mantra — “I am created by Divine Light”.

a.     What does it mean to identify only with the source of being, with creative energy beyond the body and the mind?
b.    Repeat, ‘I am created by Divine Light’, for 10 minutes then write about what comes.

5.  Energy – UnManifest and Manifest

“Energy is both neutral and a tool in the hands of the user, who decides how it is going to manifest and with what repercussion – negative or beneficial. With greater awareness, the energy previously used for continuation of the species can be channeled or used for creative expression.”

(Kundalini Yoga for the West, Swami Radha, p 89)

a.  Visualize, choosing images for Cosmic Energy – unmanifest and manifest (male and female, god/goddess), placing one on each hand. Bring them together in Namaste at your heart.
b.    Ask yourself: What does it mean to create this kind of unity within? How could you create this connection in your day-to-day life?

6.  Bridging Worlds
“Attain the power to create and destroy worlds. Destroy your old concepts! Build a new world by forming your own concepts, without attachment. Keep free, suspended. Make your bridge from this world to the spiritual world a suspension bridge.’ 

(Seeds of Light, Swami Radha, p 81)

a.     Chant a Mantra of your choice while holding the above statement in the Light. Ask yourself a relevant question, or the following: What old concepts influence my present life? Write.
b.    Choose a concept from your first reflection and take it into an inverted pose or Little Bridge. Ask: How can I bridge to a new world by letting go of my attachment to this concept? Write.
c.      Do the Divine Light Invocation putting your work so far into the Light. Summarize your reflections, keeping in mind your power to create and destroy worlds.


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