“Intentions” is the Theme for January 2016

intentions-planting-hands-soil-seedsHow do you want to be in 2016? How determined are you to move towards the life you want to live? The following reflections are offered by the Yasodhara Yoga Toronto teachers to assist in shaping your 2016 Intentions.

1. My Ideal Self

Do a Divine Light Invocation
Put your ideal self in the Light.
Using crayons, draw your ideal self.

Do 4-4 breath
Look at the drawing.
Reflect on, “What do I see? Who am I when I am at my best?”

Do 4-4 breath
Reflect on, “What part of my ideal self do I want to focus on in 2016?”

2. What Do I Really Want?

Do 4-4 breath for one minute.
Then ask yourself, “What do I really want?”
Set a timer for 3 minutes and free associate as many words and ideas that you can think of.

Do 4-4 breath again.
Look at the list of ideas and circle all of the ideas that seem most important to you.

Do a Divine Light Invocation and put one of these ideas into the Light.
Reflect on the question – how do I want to bring this forward in 2016?

3. A Place To Go Within

“I did not feel like returning to my kutir so I went down and sat on one of the huge rocks in the Ganges. I had much to think about.”

Radha Diary of a Woman’s Search, Swami Radha (p 91)

In 2016, where can you go to take time, to reflect, when there is much to ‘think about’?

4. A Voice To Listen To

“In the Kundalini system, the neck and throat are related to the fifth chakra, which is the seat of will and surrender, and is controlled by the sense of hearing. Flexibility in the throat is a key to the pose, which suggests bringing in an attitude of surrender and listening. Which voice will I listen to?”

The Inner Life of Asanas, Swami Lalitananda (p 49)

As you move into the shoulderstand, prepare your mind to listen. Work with the pose with awareness; observe the different voices in your mind. How do you choose which one to listen to? How does your body respond to the different voices?

As you move into 2016, which voice will you listen to?

5. Take Time with Tara

Chant Om Tara for 5 minutes and then take 5 minutes to dialogue with Tara about what is important to you for the upcoming year.

6. Planting Seeds for Yasodhara Ashram

“This field of spirituality
is bigger
than the field of coffee beans
I dreamed when I first saw her.
This field stretches
beyond horizons of minds and words
across worlds of senses
and over the edges of time and space.”

Glimpses of a Mystical Affair, Julie McKay (p 55)

What seeds do you intend to plant in 2016 that will nourish Yasodhara Ashram?

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