Temple Rising


The Temple of Light will rise again to become the focal point within the Ashram in the coming year. Swami Premananda, our skilled builder and woodworker, reflects on its evolution.

The Temple is a beacon, a Lighthouse that attracts people to the area and to the teachings. I can’t imagine the Ashram without a Temple. It gives hope to the world.

This new Temple design is very inspiring and beautiful, and continues the intention of being an open, welcoming place for people of all religions. People who come here appreciate the quiet and vibrational aspects of the Temple, and all the practices that have come into it. Swami Radha’s presence in the Temple is an important part of it.

This version of the Temple is a leap forward – just as the original Temple was unusual and modern for this area back in the 1990s. The new Temple will have a unique inner and outer symbolism too, offering more of a connection with the outdoors – to the wind, water, ravens, trees around us.

With our building experience, Swami Sivananda and I act as interpreters on the Temple Hub and we are bringing the practical aspects to it. We want to make sure everything works smoothly in combination with the beauty.

I’m looking forward to lots of people coming to the Ashram throughout this historic year. We’ll be gathering inside the new Temple of Light by fall!


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