Retreat Offers Sacred Connections



Wonderful synchronicities happen here! When Claire Poirier (left) came for two weeks on a professional retreat to focus on her PhD dissertation, she found kindred spirits.

Claire’s work with the Royal Alberta Museum involves helping to repatriate sacred and ceremonial objects to First Nations. She shared her passion during an informative Lunch & Learn.

While here she connected with Ashram resident Chuck McNab of the Cree Nation. “I enjoyed hearing Claire’s desire to learn more about First Nations culture. Her desire to know ancient protocols and the right, respectful ways to handle sacred objects inspired me to want to know more of my own lineage. “

Claire also met Alanda Green – Ashram teacher, local resident and author of Napi’s Dance, a novel about the black stone that is currently in the Royal Alberta Museum. Alanda comments, “The amazing effort that Claire describes moves me incredibly. The fact that indigenous teachings are coming forward with respect and understanding gives me hope.”

Claire said she found it “incredible” to discover people so linked to her commitment; and she expressed how supported she felt by the whole community. “The spaciousness of the retreat allowed me to find the clarity and focus that I needed for my work.”

Come for your own Artist or Professional Retreat in 2016! You will have access to all of the benefits of Ashram life plus a private room or cabin that allows you the space you need to do your work.


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