“Mystery and the Mystical Aspects of Yoga” is the theme for December 2015

swami-radha-india-veil“Evolution is mysterious, and never ends; there is always more to learn.” Swami Radhananda, Living the Practice, p. 30.

Thank you to the Ladner Yoga Group (Bhakti, Kali, Moira) who prepared this month’s teaching theme.


Sit with Swami Radha’s message at the end of Radha’s Story. “What is the purpose of your life? You ought to know. The evolution of consciousness – nothing else matters.” Reflect on the purpose of your life at this point in time. What does “the evolution of consciousness” mean to you? Listen to the audio.


  1. “Each part of the body reveals a mystery and serves us so wonderfully helping us stretch and dance and move and eat.” (Living the Practice, p. 15) Sit still in silence and imagine what it is that your body needs to do right now – a yoga pose or any movement or position. Try it out and write about your experience of listening to your body.
  2. “The purpose and meaning of life can be found within the mystical meaning of the Hatha Yoga asanas.” (Living the Practice, p. 39). Choose an asana, and using the Hidden Language approach (or just paying attention to what happens), observe how you can use your body and mind to unlock the mystery of your life. Record your observations.
  3. “The mystery of life tends to draw people to yoga.” (Living the Practice, p. 115) Write about what brought you to yoga – your story, your own history. What qualities do you see in your story? Courage? Inspiration? Dedication? Gratitude? What else?
  4. “The power of Kundalini can be found in everyday life, and when that happens the mysterious becomes evident, like finding a spider web in the sunlight.” (Living the Practice, p. 85) Can you think of an experience in your life that has been an unexpected and perhaps brilliant discovery? Write about that event.
  5. “The mystery of silence intrigues me.” (Living the Practice, p. 71) How do you experience and employ silence in your daily life? What does silence have to offer you? Breathe and be silent for five minutes, watching your mind. Then write for five minutes about what you saw your mind doing during the time that you watched it. Are you surprised at what you noticed? How can you use this information that you now have to make your life better?
  6. Kali is the black Goddess. “Not only is Kali the darkness, but She eradicates darkness at will. She gives the disease and removes it. This is one of the great paradoxes of the fierce Tantric goddesses; they are the quality that they also heal.” (Aditi Devi, In Praise of Adya Kali, p. 11) Radha wore black to symbolize the darkness of the night. What is the mystery of darkness that is waiting for you to discover?
  7. “By turning perceptions upside down, the very fine intuitive thoughts are no longer overpowered by strong passions or urges or doubts.” (Living the Practice, p. 116) Think of a cherished belief, opinion or concept. Go into the headstand or preparation for headstand… (e.g. placing the head on the floor). Look at the opposite perspective while upside down. How does it feel? What do you notice? Do this often to see how it works in your life. Experience the potential freedom this practice has to offer.

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