Teens ask, “What is Inner Beauty?”

shakti-campThis year’s seven teen girls who attended Shakti Camp were inspired by Amy Allcock’s introduction of photography as a way of exploring self-image. The teens explored beauty with words and photos — Where do you see it? What are its qualities? What is inner beauty? Then they photographed their answers to the question: What are three things that make you special and unique?

View their images to see an intriguing mix of closeness, growth, friendship and humour.

“The photography workshop helped me see the world in a new way,” says second-timer Eden Miller. “It was a way to take my emotions and put them into an abstract representation.” Autumn Sangster found the workshop “very insightful, especially the fact that we went over exactly why we took the photos and what attracted us to them.” Melanie Cowper-Canaux, from France, “learned that you can see beauty in everything.”

Many adults started their connection with the Ashram through the teen program, which is filled with dance, arts, hiking and swimming as well as Hatha, reflection and group discussions.

Keep Shakti Camp in mind next year for an adventuresome teen in your life!


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