Life-long Lessons

mackin-familyFor the Mackin family of Calgary, the Ashram serves as “a reminder and a learning” of what is important in life.

Family Week at the Ashram is an amazing experience of giving back for our daughter, Laura, 7, and for us as a family,” say Holly and Jamie. “We thought it important to teach her about that at a young age. Being at the Ashram also teaches her about community. She understands that there are a million jobs to do and everyone has to step up.”

They also chose the Ashram for the spiritual exposure it provides their daughter. And ultimately they know “she’ll remember the friends from camp.”

For themselves, Holly and Jamie found the daily workshop for adults “immensely helpful. We took the free hour afterwards, as a couple, to reflect further. The workshops were very well put together.”

Jamie experiences Post Traumatic Stress Disorder from his peacekeeping career and connected immediately with the Ashram’s peacefulness during their first Family Week last year. He followed it up with a Stilling the Mind workshop. “Something just switched for you,” Holly comments. “I went inward,” Jamie agrees. “I know I want to spend more time here. It’s probably going to happen with greater duration and frequency.”



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