Choosing the Light

chuck-01Chuck (Charlie) McNab recognizes the power of choice that led him out of darkness to a new life path. Living at the Ashram for more than a year as a karma yogi, he seamlessly integrates Yasodhara Yoga practices with renewed practice of his aboriginal Cree Nation traditions.

My life is different now, like night and day. I’m walking a new path – a positive lighter path. Now I let go of concerns and offer it all to the Light.

Taking the 10 Days of Yoga in May was a rich in-depth experience. I came away with a better knowing of what truly works for me in a practical way. I know I can start my day however I want; accessing the Light or the fountain of joy or peace really works for me.

So many things about the Ashram support me on my path. The natural environment with the lake and wilderness, and the spirit animals like frogs and eagles, bring me close to Mother Nature. And I like being among people from all over the world who have the same spiritual goal of embracing the Light.

Having a tipi (something Swami Radha introduced in the 1970s) is a bonus! When I do smudges, it’s like I’m at satsang.


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