Growing into Family Life

magdalena-andrewMagdalena Angel and Andrew Fafard grew as individuals, as a couple, and as parents-to-be during their November participation in Yasodhara Ashram’s Young Adult Program (YAP). They are grateful for the good foundation they laid for their next steps.

“The Hatha and workshops provided the time and space for us both to reflect, and to begin developing a relationship with the baby that is growing inside of me,” says Magdalena. The baby is due in March 2015. “The space to be reflective, individually and as a family with the little one, has been a nice reset,” agrees Andrew.

After Magdalena spent four weeks in YAP this spring, Andrew noticed she was calm and content upon her return. Now, from his own first experience, he appreciates the practical nature of the teachings that helped him “unpack, unlearn and relearn” in positive ways. They recognize too the Karma Yoga learnings they can take back into daily life.

With a copy of the Temple Songbook in hand, they will continue singing bhajans and mantra, knowing the vibrations bring balance to themselves and benefit the growing baby.

They describe the Ashram as a “very considerate community. This has been a rewarding experience and we highly recommend it.”


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