Trust in the Knowing

nina-ky-1Nina Mirachi celebrated her 27th birthday in May and recognized something was missing in her life. She decided to return to Yasodhara’s Young Adult Program (YAP). Her supervisor suggested she take two weeks; Nina insisted on one month.

“I wanted the support and also the process that is in place here and that has helped me so much in the past.” As part of YAP, Nina participates in full-time Karma Yoga, a weekly evening class, a Saturday afternoon workshop, morning Hatha Yoga and evening satsang.

Nina’s introduction to the Ashram came in 2009 after she finished college. By the end of her month-long stay she didn’t want to leave. So she returned in 2010 and 2011. Now, being back at the Ashram, she says it confirms her intuition. “It’s that same feeling of being in the right place and finding what I need. I trust that.”

When Nina tells her friends in Arizona about Yasodhara Yoga, she emphasizes the reflection, self-evaluation and questioning. “I really focus on how to bring the practices back to my life.”


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