Swami Radhananda: Evolving Through Life Stages

sw-radhananda-reflectionSwami Radhananda recently passed on the presidency of Yasodhara Ashram and is now focused on her position as Spiritual Director. She reflects on the recent changes in her life and position.

I think that with different stages of life, there are different responsibilities. At this stage, I feel liberated as if something is taken off my shoulders. I also have a different perspective – my whole life experience can come forward for me. It is a time to give what I know to the people who are running the Ashram and encourage them. I’m not visible; I am not there at every meeting. But what I can give is the “being” part, knowing that there is still a lot to be made available.

I could see it was time for a change with new leadership and the younger generations who have been with us a long time taking on the work and rejoicing in it. The Ashram is resilient. I don’t need to do what I used to do because it’s being done well and with joy.

Even when challenges happen, such as the Temple fire, there is so much hope. We’re learning just how much people love the Temple and how they want to help bring it back together into its newness.

Somehow the Ashram always gives us what we need.


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