It’s Not Just a Workshop, It’s My Life Clint Evangelista

clintA business professional from Calgary, Clint recently participated in the Power Pack, which includes Life Seals and Straight Walk, two of Swami Radha’s most powerful self-development workshops. Clint shares his experience.

I feel held by the wisdom of the teachers here and find myself experiencing new and deeper insights through the simple yet subtle and profound practices. The honesty and courage of my fellow workshop participants is inspiring and nurturing. Coming into the workshop with a “learner mind” – acknowledging that I don’t know everything – opens a door to awareness and non-judgment for me to understand the bumps in life.

The Ashram is physically a large area with over 100 acres of land, yet nothing is very far and there are many quiet spots to sit and reflect. The rhythm and flow of the Ashram offer a perspective that applies to my life as well. No matter how much is happening in my life, there is room for me to create a quiet moment, to reflect and to understand. All I have to do is listen and observe to understand where I am.

This is more than a workshop for me. It is a process of integrating the practices and the learning into my life – knowing that I can choose to accept all parts of me.

Learn more about Power Pack: Life Seals and Straight Walk.


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