Spiraling Up Rachelle Premack

internshipsTwenty-two year old Rachelle successfully applied for a Food Flow Internship and
has been at the Ashram since June 2013.

During a teacher’s strike at the University of Brandon, I made an important decision to apply to Katimavik’s “Eco-Citizenship and Active Living” program for young people. These six months in Ottawa set me in the direction of creating my life with courage and understanding, and committing to a sustainable lifestyle.

My next move was to Winnipeg, where I had a rich experience of intentional living involving food security and community. Becoming an Ashram Food Flow Intern brought together all of my ideals into an integrated lifestyle – food flow, yoga, environmental awareness, community.

Through this two-year period prior to arriving at the Ashram, I came to understand my desire to spiral up and how spiraling down actually takes more energy and creates loss. My first Divine Light Invocation felt very familiar. The openness of the Light reminded me that I can choose what I identify with. And when I toured the Ashram, I saw sparkles in the air – sparkles that came from the interactions, the communication and actions of those I met. I remember smiling so much on my first day that I was almost tempted to ask if all this was real.

I know have found the right place to experience what matters to me – a commitment to sustainability and the shared values of cultivating parts of myself to create a life of purpose. With gratitude…

Last year, Yasodhara Ashram awarded $67,000 in bursaries to Young Adults and those with limited incomes. Your donation supports individuals like Rachelle who are learning to lead and creating new pathways.

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