Hosting Groups from Different Spiritual Traditions

losang-samtenThis fall the Ashram provided the ground for several different spiritual traditions to gather. In September, we hosted the Venerable Losang Samten in a Tibetan Buddhist healing initiation into Green Tara and Medicine Buddha. We also participated in a ceremony led by First Nations women from Manitoba who came to release the spirit of a spiritual sister who had passed a year earlier. Held in the tipi, the experience was one of deep healing, loving kindness and generosity.

Swami Radha had a dream in 1961, long before the Temple was built, symbolizing that the future Temple “…will be open as a Temple of Light for those who want to find the Light in their own religion. We have to use whatever material we have to reach this inner Light. And if we remember the meaning of the gesture, Namaste – the Divine in me salutes the Divine in you – then how can we fight with each other? We have to make the effort to see the Divine in each other, whatever our name, colour, race or religion. It is our greatest reward.”

And this is our experience. The Temple is symbolic of the Ashram’s commitment of openness to all spiritual paths. We welcome the depth of other traditions through hosting group retreats and workshops. For more information, please contact registrations.


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