There Are No Accidents On The Spiritual Path – Bryn Bamber

brynIn the past year, Bryn has developed a rich relationship with Yasodhara Ashram. Starting from the Young Adult Program she moved into the Three-Month Immersion, then into the 2013 YDC, the Hatha Teacher Certification and a Food Flow Internship. She recently committed to stay at the Ashram until the fall of 2014.

Viewing a potential apartment during the fall of 2010 in Thunder Bay, I met a fellow apartment seeker who, it turned out, was not my competition but my bridge to the Ashram. Within an hour of meeting Jocelyn, I experienced my first Divine Light Invocation and before long, I had read Kundalini Yoga for the West, Light and Vibration and participated in a Rose Ceremony. I remembered that my grandmother and mother both had a long history with yoga in the Sivananda lineage. It was inevitable that I would connect to Yasodhara Ashram. Understanding that we learn through our life experiences and that the more personal the learning is the more meaningful it is, my time at the Ashram has opened my world. My personal growth has accelerated, and through the Food Flow internship I am learning practical skills. I’ve also learned to work with compassion, taking responsibility for myself and acting from what I know.

The opportunity to live my ideals and to continue to grow is a priceless gift for which I am very grateful.

Last year, Yasodhara Ashram awarded $67,000 in bursaries to Young Adults and those with limited incomes. Your donation supports individuals like Bryn who are learning to lead and creating new pathways.

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