Teachings for a New Generation

arlene-gabrielArlene Elliott and her six-year old son, Gabe, recently spent time at the Ashram.

Arlene’s life from childhood had been dedicated to the performing arts. In her mid-twenties she found herself at the Ashram with a newly shaved head, and a disturbing feeling of uncertainty. She no longer knew who she was. Swami Radhananda put a question to her in a workshop, “What is the purpose of your life?” This question landed and launched her on a search that opened up her path. Still involved in singing, Arlene observes that the inner change was from performing for others to finding her true voice.

Arlene now shares the experience of the Ashram with her son, who clearly stated at the end of his visit: “I’m coming back here every year!” And Arlene said, “The Ashram did a wonderful job of filling my son and I up with Light. We have been able to approach each other with much more patience and willingness. For that I am truly grateful.”


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