Young Adult Program (YAP) An Experience of Abundance and Meaning

AmetisseAt the Ashram we recognize that young people have a unique set of challenges and opportunities, energy and interests. Our intent is to provide a supportive environment and tools to help you explore your direction.

Ametisse Gover-Chamlou joined the Young Adult Program in October 2012 and extended her stay to participate in the three month Yoga Development Course. Eighteen year-old Ametisse speaks of her experience.

“When I graduated from high school I knew I wanted a gap year before applying to colleges. My peers were intensely and competitively focused on grades and college applications. But I had this inner knowing that there must be something more, something I had yet to discover.

“Through a series of incidents, I found the Ashram. Here I have found a new way of learning and working. It’s not about recognition; it’s about offering my work based on what I can do and what I know, within an environment of abundance and support. And it’s not about the task and performance. The task is not separate from me; it is about me – how am I being during this task?

“I am discovering who I am and finding clues through my speech, my actions and my body. My awareness has grown and I have a new level of respect and kindness towards myself.”

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Since 1995, over 2,000 Young Adults, ages 18-30, have come to the Ashram to learn valuable work skills and to integrate yoga into their lives through Karma Yoga opportunities.

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