The Yoga Development Course is for anyone interested in building a foundation of personal and spiritual development. The YDC is open to those 18 and older who are interested in exploring many branches of yoga, including Hatha Yoga, Kundalini Yoga, Mantra Yoga and Karma Yoga. Often people come to the YDC during a major life transition, to aid in a healing process or to assess their direction in life. The YDC is also the first step in becoming a Yasodhara-certified teacher. It is recommended that before attending the YDC you have some familiarity with Yasodhara Ashram or the teachings of Swami Radha and have a true desire to spend time in a spiritual community. Read more about the YDC.

Our approach is to offer tools and techniques that help you access your own intuition and wisdom. You are taught specific practices and are encouraged to use these practices to explore the deeper levels of your mind. The basic questions are, Who am I? What is the purpose of my life? Each person responds individually and shares in small and large groups. There is an emphasis on recording your experience, either through writing or drawing, so that you capture your discoveries and can review and see your own growth. The process of learning is self-directed and experiential, with questions opening up your exploration to gain clarity.

The YDC starts near the beginning of January and runs until early April. In 2013 the YDC starts on January 8 and ends on April 8.
We accept applications until mid-December. To ensure your place, please apply early – in the summer or fall.
Yes, but we do recommend taking a course at the Ashram or attending classes at a Radha Centre or with Yasodhara-trained teachers. This will give you a better idea of the approach in the three-month course.
Contact us at for the application
There is a $750 deposit to hold your place in the course. When you arrive you have two options to pay the remainder. Pay in full upon arrival (minus $750 deposit) or pay in three installments at beginning of January, February and March.
Yes. The tuition portion, which is half of the total cost, is tax deductable.
All of our staff teachers are Yasodhara-trained, and our senior teachers are students of Swami Radha, each with over twenty years of teaching experience. Two resident sanyasis provide education program oversight and advisement during the course.

The YDC is a transformative experience that nurtures a greater understanding of yourself and your connection to the Divine.

It is a three-month, seven day a week, full time, residential intensive, totaling 675 hours of class time. The course consists of a series of integrated workshops one to five days in length. Participants are asked to attend all classes and activities and to stay onsite for the three months.

Days begin with morning Hatha at 7 a.m. and end after satsang at 9 p.m. Outside of class time, there are daily assignments as well as time for personal practice and written reflection.

The YDC is open to all levels – from beginners interested in yoga to long time practitioners wanting to go deeper in their practice. We explore many branches of yoga and our focus is on personal reflection.

We do encourage participants to take a shorter course at the Ashram or through a Yasodhara-trained teacher prior to the YDC; this ensures that you understand that the yoga we offer is not just physical asanas but an in-depth self-study.

Please call ahead to discuss your needs. We ask that you are physically able enough to attend daily classes so that you get the most out of your time. Although we do our best to provide assistance to guests with limited mobility, the Ashram is located in a mountainous rural setting that affects accessibility.

The Hatha Yoga we practice is a gentle meditative style suitable for all levels of experience. We ask all participants to listen to their bodies and take responsibility for themselves. Our gentle style includes visualization and relaxation – options that are of benefit to those with physical limitations.

Because you will be deeply involved in a full-time course of intensive study, we do not recommend visitors during this time. However if you do have visitors, they are welcome to stay at the Ashram, attend a course or do Karma Yoga. But they should know that you will be focused on your course.

The average number is between twenty and thirty.
Prices are based on shared accommodation. Private rooms can sometimes be arranged at additional charge. We do encourage you to share a room since part of the YDC experience is learning from others in the group, including your roommate.
During the 3 months, you will need the following books:
  • Kundalini Yoga for the West by Swami Radha,
  • Hatha Yoga the Hidden Language by Swami Radha
  • Radha, Diary of a Woman’s Search by Swami Radha
  • The Divine Light Invocation by Swami Radha
  • Mantras, Words of Power by Swami Radha
  • Realities of the Dreaming Mind by Swami Radha
  • The Bhagavad Gita by Swami Sivananda
  • Carried By a Promise by Swami Radhananda
These books can be purchases at our bookstore or if you own them already, you can bring them with you. We also have limited copies of these titles in our library. There is one other book that is used during the course that we encourage you to bring or purchase: The Rose Ceremony by Swami Radha
There is an optional post-course component of continuing study, in which each student has one year to complete a personalized reading list with written reports on a total of thirty books. These reports are a prerequisite to the Hidden Language Hatha Yoga and Kundalini & Dream Yoga Teacher Certifications.
No but the YDC is required for all of our teacher certification. A ten-day Hatha Yoga certification immediately follows the YDC, and includes developing a series of lesson plans and a post-course teaching practicum. The YDC and completion of post-YDC book reports is required for the Hidden Language Hatha Yoga and Kundalini & Dream Yoga teacher certifications.
Following the YDC, you can stay on up to five months at no extra charge to help you integrate the learning from the course, deepen your practice and participate in daily life of our spiritual community. This offer is available immediately following the YDC (April – August). You can inform us of your decision to stay anytime during the YDC.
Come a few days in advance if you can; we don’t charge for this time and it gives you a chance to settle in. If you can’t arrive early, then plan to be here before 5pm the day the course starts.
You will need a valid passport and a letter for Customs & Immigration from the Ashram outlining your reason for being in Canada and the length of your stay.

We have a local medical clinic that is open three days a week with attending physicians, a counselor and a physiotherapist. We recommend having any dental and medical needs taken care of before coming.

The Ashram is 1.5 hours from the nearest hospital, and 3 hours from larger hospitals with specialized services. Because of our isolated rural setting, ambulance services are not always immediately available and at best take 20-30 minutes to arrive. Although we have first aid attendants onsite and a medical clinic nearby (open 3 days/week and without emergency services), our ability to respond to medical emergencies is limited. If you have a serious condition, including severe allergies, a heart condition, or any potentially life-threatening disease, it is essential to check with us prior to registering.

  • A laptop computer is handy for submitting daily papers
  • Casual winter clothes including warm boots
  • Comfortable yoga clothes
  • Clothing for satsang and special events
  • Medical supplies that you need for the duration of your stay
  • A digital recorder can be helpful
  • Journal
  • Indoor footwear or slippers
  • Alarm clock
  • Spring and summer clothes if you plan to stay on
Yes, we can store them for you until you arrive.