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We bring Yasodhara Ashram to you!

Join us from wherever you are and consider inviting a friend to experience the rich and inspiring teachings of the Ashram close to home. Watch here for more details or email us.

We welcome your ideas and requests for Ashram workshops in your area. Consider the connections in your life, and how our practices might be introduced – in the workplace, with healing groups or at conferences for example. Please be in touch at outreach@yasodhara.org.

Upcoming Workshops

Swami Sukhananda continues her European tour this Spring:


Norfolk, England

10-16 March 2017, Yasodhara Yoga Teachers’ Convention

For details of opportunities to attend classes and satsangs available during this event

Contact: Jane

Suffolk, England

18 March 2017, Kundalini Yoga –  Passion, Creativity and Energy

8 April 2017, Kundalini Yoga –  Energy and Your Heart’s Desire

Contact: Swami Sukhananda

Budapest, Hungary

22-23 March 2017, Life Seals

Contact: Swami Sukhananda

24 March 2017, Breath – the Silent Work

25-6 March 2017, Kundalini Yoga – Pathway to the Heart

For more details and to register: for the Breath and Kundalini Workshops click here.

Hackney London 

1 April.2017, Interpret your own Dream

Contact: Elizabeth

Gossport, Hampshire

28 April 2017, An Introduction to the Divine Light Invocation

29 April 2017, Yoga, Expanding Awareness and your 5 Senses

Contact: Lisa


Spring Tours:


Australia: Wollongong & Adelaide April 21 – May 5

Calgary May 12 – 14

Nanaimo May 26 – 28

Okanagan May 26 – 28


Autumn Tours:

Calgary September 22-24

Edmonton September 15-17

Montreal & Halifax October 13-15

Lotus Heart Weekend Retreat October 20-22

Toronto & Ottawa October 25-29

Nelson November 25