Founded on the principle of service, the Ashram is a living example of a generosity-based community. Karma Yoga is the practice of selfless service, and is an essential part of life here at Yasodhara Ashram.

Our door is open to welcome you! We offer many options for stays, including a step-by-step process called Pathways that encourages longer-term stays – with the long-lasting benefit to participants of deepening your experience of the yogic teachings and developing skills that are transferable to work outside the Ashram.


Step One: One-Month Karma Yoga Program

A live-and-serve program for people of all ages and backgrounds, interested in living in a spiritual community to explore service, develop self-knowledge and gain skills.  Find out more about the One-Month Program.

Benefits include: morning Hatha Yoga, evening satsang, daily reflection breaks, weekly class plus in-depth workshop introducing you to our teachings guided by an Ashram teacher, being with others as an integral part of a vibrant community. Shared accommodation, meals and workshops are included with no fee in this closed retreat environment.

Step Two: Karma Yoga Residential Stays

Become a Karma Yoga resident by extending your one-month stay in steps for 3 months, 6 months, 1 year or 2 years. Receive valuable benefits that will enhance your stay and be life-changing for your future.

Additional Benefits include: learning leadership skills and potentially leading Karma Yoga teams; taking on a special project with a mentor; working five days a week, with an extra half-day for creative activities and reflection; and deepening your connection to the yogic teachings and the Ashram.

      • 3-month Residency. Participate in one weekend retreat/course* offered at the Ashram and step out of the Ashram closed retreat environment for one day each month.
      • 6-month Residency. Participate in two weekend retreats/courses* offered at the Ashram and step out of the Ashram closed retreat environment for one day each month.
      • One-Year Residency. Participate in the 10 Days of Yoga: Journey of Self-Discovery*, while others ‘hold the space’ for your safe and nurturing time of reflection. And take a day away from the Ashram each month if you wish.
      • Two-Year Residency. Participate in the three-month Yoga Development Course*, the Ashram’s foundational in-depth self-development course. And take a day away from the Ashram each month if you wish.

Additional Options:

Learning Residencies: 3-month stay. These Residencies are for people who have a skill base and/or experience that lends itself to a particular area of the Ashram. The program is based on experiential and self-led learning in a mentorship structure. 1 weekend retreat/workshop*; day away each month; part of the OM intro workshop.

*Offered at no cost to you.

Learn More about Karma Yoga:


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“It’s a unique experience at the Ashram. I’m surrounded by people who offer support with such sincerity. I get to participate in fantastic weekly workshops. Last year, I also took a course with other guests and I was just glowing afterwards. The life-long gifts I receive here are amazing.” Molly Askey-Goldsbury

Through my experience I gained confidence, leadership, intuition, more personal awareness. Leading teams taught me valuable people skills. And looking after the tomatoes – loving and nurturing them – reinforced strengths in me that I need to share.” Kyle Atkinson

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