“As I kept going deeper, I discovered more of the truth I was seeking.”

EM-thumbnailElicia Marie Brisby brought the art of sewing into her preparation for a Vision Quest, an important initiation in her cultural heritage of the Blackfoot Nation. Living at the Ashram for her second time, she decided to do the Vision Quest after completing the Yoga Development Course (YDC) and Hidden Language Hatha Yoga teacher certification.

“Following my dreams, and with a desire to go deeper, I quilted a medicine blanket. I’ve never done anything of this nature before,” she reflected.

“I was stitching these pieces of myself together,” she said at an Ashram Lunch-and-Learn. “It related to my ideal of wholeness that came up in my YDC.” While her original hand-drawn design changed as the blanket evolved, her resolve was steadfast. “I’m devoting myself to the next step and being open to it.”

As part of her preparation, she also made prayer ties – squares of cloth tied around tobacco – and a beautiful dress to wear to the sweat lodge.

“During the Vision Quest, a four-day ceremony without food or water, and in prayer, I asked the Divine for confirmation of my spirit name. If I wasn’t listening I wouldn’t have heard it.”

Elicia Marie returned from her experience, ready to start a new job in Kimberley, and with a deepened appreciation of living in spirit. “I learned that intention is everything.”



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