Here’s what our Artist Retreat guests have to say about their stay.

Holly Blazina – Musician
Flamenco guitarist Holly Blazina came to the Ashram at Christmas with the intention of integrating her musical practice with her spiritual practice. Besides working on her music, she participated in a Renewing in the Light retreat and daily Karma Yoga. Read more »

Donna Lee Elke – Artist
Donna Lee Elke of Bellingham, Washington describes how being in spiritual community supported her recent Artist Retreat.  Read more »

Suzanne Bleaken – Artist
Suzanne Bleaken recently retired from teaching and came to Yasodhara Ashram for an Artist Retreat. She found the rich physical environment perfect for Chigiri-e, a Japanese form of collage that involves layers of paper. Read more »

Benedict Pfeiffer – Writer
Benedict Pfeiffer is an astrophysicist from Vancouver. Her life of teaching, parenting, caring for aging parents and writing a book left her exhausted. She looked to the Ashram’s Artist & Professional Renewal retreat­ to help her re-centre. Read more »

Cathy Hamilton & Shelley Suzuki – Writer/Illustrator Team
This writer/illustrator team came to the Ashram to create a series of children’s books based on their years of counseling children and families. Their children stories also encourage adults to be loving, caring and attentive. Cathy describes their experience. Read more »

Paula Kravitz – Painter
Paula Kravitz creates successful art in California and holds a demanding job, but she knew she needed to find a place that would help her open up her art. Here’s how she found the Ashram. Read more »

Yvonne Rezek – Visual Artist
Recently, Yvonne Rezek of Edmonton, Alberta, spent two weeks at the Ashram in retreat in order to focus on her work as an artist. Read more »

Elaine Pace – Writer
“Go deeper with your writing,” I was told by my literary advisor. “Plunge the depths like never before.” So I headed to the Ashram in late September for an extended stay of two months. Read more »