10 Days of Yoga: Journey of Self-Discovery
Oct 12 @ 6:45 pm – Oct 22 @ 5:30 pm
10 Days of Yoga: Journey of Self-Discovery @ Yasodhara Ashram

May 18 – 28, July 12 – 22, August 17 – 27, October 12 – 22

Give yourself ten days to expand your understanding of who you are and who you want to be — ten days reprieve from stress in a safe and nurturing place of reflection.

For students of all levels, this course offers practices that support your personal and spiritual development. Instruction is given in a variety of traditional yoga and meditation practices such as mantra and visualization combined with in-depth self-development courses such as Life Seals, Dream Yoga and the Hidden Language of Hatha Yoga.

You will leave with tools to create more meaning, joy and relaxation in your life and with more trust in your ability to live a balanced life.

As a participant in the 10 Days of Yoga, you can stay on at no cost for up to the next seven consecutive days to practice Karma Yoga.

Cost: $1600; deposit $200 (See our Cancellation Policy)

Recommended books:
The Divine Light Invocation
Mantras: Words of Power
Kundalini Yoga for the West
Realities of the Dreaming Mind

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Conscious Living in Times of Change
Oct 20 @ 6:45 pm – Oct 22 @ 5:30 pm
Conscious Living in Times of Change @ Yasodhara Ashram

May 5 – 7, Oct 20 – 22

We live in a world of fast-paced, continual change – processing endless input and meeting demands for flexibility and quick decisions. As life speeds up, we can lose perspective and a deep sense of meaning. Yogic practices are designed to bring us back to our ‘grounding,’ to stillness and to connection to purpose. Join us for a breath, relaxation, visualisation and reflection – a time of returning to centre.

Cost: $475; $100 deposit (See our Cancellation Policy)

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One-Month Karma Yoga Program Intake
Nov 14 @ 6:45 pm
One-Month Karma Yoga Program Intake @ Yasodhara Ashram

Take this opportunity to experience yoga and work in a truly transformative way!

The One-Month (OM) Karma Yoga program is for anyone interested in living in a spiritual community to explore work, develop self-knowledge and gain skills. This live-and-work program focuses on Karma Yoga —the yoga of action and selfless service—and also introduces participants to Mantra, Hatha, Dreams and Kundalini Yoga — tools that can help expand awareness.

Yasodhara Ashram is an intergenerational community where people of all ages—from youth to elders and everyone in between—work together. This program is run jointly with the Young Adult Program. Young Adults (18-30) are offered a reduced fee structure and Elders (60 and over) can choose to work six-hours instead of eight.

The program helps you deepen self-knowledge, integrate as a valued working member of the community and take away a life-changing experience.

Cost: Adults $825; Elders (60+) $825 (six hour work day option available); Deposit $100 when you are accepted into the program. (See our Cancellation Policy)

Bursary Applications are available for Elders on fixed income.

Shared accommodation and meals included.

2017 program dates: Jan 10 – Feb 6, Feb 7 – Mar 6, Mar 7- April 3, April 4 – May 1, May 2 – May 29, May 30 – June 26, June 27 – July 24, July 25 – Aug 21, Aug 22 – Sept 18, Sept 19 – Oct 16, Oct 17 – Nov 13, Nov 14 – Dec 11

Application required: Processing time is 1-2 weeks

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The Yoga Development Course
Jan 8 @ 6:45 pm – Apr 8 @ 5:00 pm
The Yoga Development Course @ Yasodhara Ashram

The Yoga Development Course (YDC) is an intensive three-month program designed to expand awareness through personal and spiritual development. Built on a series of integrated workshops that weave experiential learning with various practices of yoga, the YDC offers powerful tools for transforming and enhancing life. The course is valuable not only to yoga students and teachers but to all those who wish to make lasting changes and to live a richer, more meaningful life.

The YDC is the prerequisite for our Teacher Certification programs.

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