Grassroots Temple Fundraising
Creative ideas are stirring and blossoming for self-organized fundraising toward the new Temple of Light. These gifts of the heart, time and energy include sparkling gemstone jewelry made by Alanda Greene and inspiring one-of-a-kind greeting cards created by Jen Nemeth … Read more » Read more »

Temple Update: Inside and Out
At the beginning of March, the Temple design hub went on a field trip to Vancouver to meet at the offices of Patkau Architects to discuss the Temple's conceptual design. Read more »

Waiting for The Temple to Arrive…
In the eight months since the Temple fire, the Ashram has been preparing to rebuild and re-dream a new Temple of Light. Here, Swami Lalitananda responds to what it feels like to start again. Read more »

Temple Design Update: The First Meeting
We recently welcomed Patricia and John Patkau of Patkau Architects at the Ashram for three days, to begin the conceptual design process for the next Temple of Light. They toured the Ashram and gathered as much information as they could … Read more » Read more »

Temple Update: An interview Gitta & Sylvan
In October karma yogis and Ashram residents co-created the transitional Temple with a pair of local builders, Gitta Ridder and Sylvan Dempster. Not satisfied with straw and tarps to cover the foundation over winter, they generated the idea of a … Read more » Read more »

Time & Change – Newsletter Issue 10, 2014
Time & Change Issue 10, 2014 Yoga demands discriminative awareness. We ask ourselves when to take action, when to exercise will, when to surrender. We learn from the seasons and the squirrels – now is the time to store nuts, … Read more » Read more »

Transitional Temple Build Time-Lapse
A time-lapse of the Transitional Temple being constructed at Yasodhara Ashram in October 2014. Read more »

The Temple platform is clear and we are now into the design phase! Part of this phase is building a temporary structure to protect the floor. Read more »

Tanin Shunter, a karma yogi and conscious hip hop artist known as Kosmic T, was inspired to compose and perform a second rap for the Temple. He presented it on the Temple foundation on September 8, Gurudev Sivananda’s birthday – … Read more » Read more »

Join us for the Fall Harvest
Join us for our harvest! Building on the success of last year’s program, we invite you once again to come to the Ashram for this time of abundance & retreat. Read more »