Caring for Our Inheritance
We are currently restoring the land around the new Temple of Light, which was cleared during construction to make way for the equipment and materials needed to rebuild. We need your help in order to turn this vision into a reality. Read more »

Karma Yoga Conversations
Our Karma Yoga Coordinators this spring sat down for a conversation about their experiences of Karma Yoga and organizing the daily "work in action" of the Ashram. Read more »

10 Inspiring Responses to the 10 Days of Yoga
In May 2017, we asked participants of our 10 Days of Yoga course: What has your time meant to you? What have you come away with? What inspired you? Here are their responses: “This has done incredible things for my self-awareness. … Read more » Read more »

Yasodhara Ashram’s Year of Invitation
2018 is our Year of Invitation. There are many ways to enter – through courses, through Karma Yoga, through retreats. We are especially happy to introduce you to the Temple of Light – a sanctuary for now and for generations to come. Find your... Read more »

We’re hiring!
We're hiring for two positions -  a part-time dishwasher and a summer student for our Lands & Resource Associate position. Read more »

Lands & Resource Associate
We're hiring a student for our Lands & Resource Associate position. This job is part of the federally-funded Canada Summer Jobs program and is a combination of basic research, ongoing learning and practical implementation. The primary responsibility will be to assist with maintenance and... Read more »

Part-time Dishwasher Position Available
Yasodhara Ashram is looking for additional help with our dishes. Read more »

A Weekend of Healing & Reconciliation with Indigenous Elders
This past weekend, Pahan Pte San Win and Wanbdi Wakita of Bear Paw tipi returned to the Ashram to offer an inspiring and heartfelt weekend of teachings. Ashram residents, guests and local community members participated in workshops and satsangs focused … Read more » Read more »

Invitation to Participate in Karma Yoga Projects
Karma Yoga Coordinating Come and be part of a vibrant and creative team, collaborating to meet both the daily work needs of the Ashram and the needs of all the karma yogis who keep the Ashram humming. Karma Yoga Coordinators … Read more » Read more »

Karma Yoga Programs Free of Charge from May – October
We are pleased to offer our Young Adult Program (18-30) and One Month Program (30+) free-of-charge from May to October in 2018. Read more »