Supporting the Yoga Development Course

The new Temple of Light is described by the designers, Patkau Architects, as “Open to sky, to horizon, to every direction in welcome; on a fixed axis, in free form, turning to all in support of an enduring vision; a place to collect and to introspect.” This year’s 49th annual Yoga Development Course (YDC) participants are the first to experience it and the support it provides. Here are some key word impressions:
  • Pure tranquility
  • A sense of renewal and rebirth with the essence preserved
  • Simply spiritually nourishing
  • Dream-like
  • Feeling the presence of Swami Radha
  • Reverence, awe, oneness
  • The stillness is palpable
  • Feeling grateful
  • Feeling held by the Divine
  • Hearing the silence

Two Yasodhara teachers are here, too, supporting the YDC for the full three months.

Karen Lanphear of Sandpoint, Idaho, took the YDC last year and says, “It feels like full circle to come back. I’m being asked to do new and different work, and I feel that what I do is supportive. Being here helps me remember the lessons, and how deep and lasting those lessons are.”

Sheila Thomson of Spokane, Washington set the intention to return to support a YDC after participating five years ago. “I wanted to give back and to deepen my practices and my knowledge. In addition to Karma Yoga, I have time to rest, read and reflect in the prayer room. And I also have the special opportunity to teach in the YDC.”

Other teachers from throughout Canada are coming to support the YDC for periods from 10 days to a month. We always welcome back our teachers and past karma yogis throughout the year to support the ongoing work at the Ashram. We couldn’t do it without you! Contact Registrations.


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