Finding Synchronicity in the Feminine

Our One-Month Karma Yoga Program created a synchronistic bond for two young women who arrived with interests in the Divine Feminine and the Sivananda tradition.

“People told us there’s a feminine energy here, and it does have that feeling,” agree Gabby Johnson and Sarah Munsch. “There is a lot of nurturing and reference to Divine Mother. And a big aspect of the functioning here is that a circle of women come together and make decisions. It’s an inspiring space to be in.”

Gabby came to the Ashram needing to make a decision about her future. “I appreciate the time to reflect and really examine what I want to do with my life heading forward. I’ve had a lot of health challenges and couldn’t work. Now I’m healthy again. Who am I after all of this? What do I want and what’s the best thing for me now? I needed a spiritual rehab and that’s what it feels like in the best of ways.”

Sarah recognized that both her profession as a lawyer and time at Sivananda Ashram in Quebec honed the masculine quality of discipline, and “I wanted something else – a focus on nurturing and healing. Here, I’m finding a balance between those two energies within myself. I’m also simply reconnecting to my intuition. The focus on dreamwork and symbolism has been very helpful to me. I’m taking away more confidence in my ability to face challenges and to integrate my spirituality with my professional ambitions in restorative justice.”

Gabby also appreciates that “the relationships here are multi-generational. Your best friend can be any age.”


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