Raine Hamilton – Musician

Classically trained musician, songwriter and performer Raine Hamilton first heard about the Ashram’s Artist and Professional Retreats from her mother. Raine explains how her experience became a touchstone for herself.

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When I arrived at the Ashram I phoned my Mom and said, “I get it — I’m normal here!” It has felt lovely to have a sense of belonging among peers in a community where a spiritual way of life, introspection and exploration are celebrated.

It was important for me to come here now because I have been working really hard lately. Being an independent artist full time is wonderful — it’s my life’s work and it’s hard and good. I need time when I can step out of the rigor of that world — out of the busyness and the demands of my life — and be able to rest deeply.

My music feels like a bridge or passageway to somewhere that is not easily traversed. It is a way into a part of myself or my growth that is difficult to reach. It’s where I want to go! Being gifted a song or a seed of a song is amazing. I feel strongly that I am a steward of these gifts and I feel responsible for them, that it is part of a sacred process. It’s important to recognize, value and do right by it.

During my retreat I wrote a song I called The Creek Cabin Song, which is reflective of my experience here. I spent a lot of time in reflection and just sitting with my experience of being a physical being and a spiritual being at once. This was such a beautiful space to be in. I wove all these bits together into the song.

I respect how this community walks its talk and how welcomed I was. I would love to come back!

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