Relaxing into Opportunity

Ashley Laframboise first came to Yasodhara Ashram on the Youth Program in 2010, took the Yoga Development Course in 2012, and in March, will complete her current ten-month stay as a Karma Yogi. An award-winning poet, she recently published her second volume of poems.

I love being at the Ashram because I learn and grow so much. It’s like taking off layers so when I leave I have an updated picture of who I am.

I would never have published a book had I not come here. Implementing the practices in my life makes me courageous enough to believe in myself. I become so inspired, which makes it easy to write. Every day there’s a new poem and if I go an entire week without writing, I feel like something is wrong.

My second book, With a Hunger I didn’t Know I Had, published in late January, was taken from poems I wrote on Salt Spring Island prior to moving back to the Ashram. Gef Tremblay was my publisher, and having our common Ashram connection made it easy to work together.

Everything seems possible when I’m here. I reflect on my life, who I want to be and what I want to do that is in line with my ideals. Doors open because I’m more relaxed.

I’ve recently applied to the Bachelor of Education program through UBC at the Nelson Campus, so I hope to stay around these parts. I’m really grateful for the structure of the Ashram and the opportunity to take on more leadership roles during this stay, which helps my confidence grow.

Interested in a copy of her latest book? Email Ashley.



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