The Temple is Humming

temple-hummingIt’s in the air, with experimental pieces becoming tangible! Spearhead, the locally-based but internationally-reputed fabrication company, has created two mock-ups, which we will be reviewing this week with architects, structural engineers and the construction manager. The mock-ups, each 1/7 of the overall size of one “petal,” are scale models of two of the more complex parts of the petal structure of the Temple. The mock-ups will help determine if there are corrections or efficiencies that can be made before moving to actual construction.

Check out their beautiful working drawings here.

Swami Premananda had a sneak preview last week and says, “Gef, the project lead, explained the process and how the pieces are oriented. Pretty impressive! They are excited about how it is going and enthusiastic about our meeting.” Here’s a one-minute video to get a sense of it:


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