Michaela Bekenn – Multidisciplinary Artist

artist-michaela-01Multidisciplinary artist Michaela Bekenn experienced a transformative journey in music and song during her Ashram Artist Retreat in April.

When I first arrived I went to the water’s edge and the doors opened. Song came pouring through me and I recognized it wasn’t from me alone. It was from something higher – and reminded me of my first song-writing experience at age 16.

Dwelling among nature’s subtleties here, I find my mind absorbs the atmosphere – the curvatures and the angles and the textures. The quality of air infiltrates my system. Nature takes me to a place beyond word and language; then I return to music and to song, which I consider to be my first language.

Living in Creek Cabin allowed me to wake up and fall into dream to the sound of flowing water. Being close to the flow of nature brought the sense of never arriving at a single destination but always being in transit – “forever arriving” as a favourite poet Octavio Paz wrote.

Nature here also brought a sense of being safe and free to be exactly who I am.

The Ashram community – so wonderfully intergenerational – was another important aspect for me. My times of solitude were well balanced with community at satsangs, Karma Yoga and workshops.

Among the songs that flowed is a song of gratitude to Kootenay Bay . It’s also an invitation to all songs, telling them “it’s safe to come out and play now.”


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